About us

Eco-Economix is an independent and impartial energy consultancy specialising in renewable and sustainable energy and carbon reduction.

We analyse your energy use including electricity, gas, oil and water.

We identify where the biggest savings or earnings can be made.

We make recommendations for the solutions  and actions to acheve these earnings and savings.

We carry out the procurement to give you the best value for each solution so you make fully costed and informed decisions.

We project manage (if needed) so you have a smooth installation.

We guarantee that the benefit you receive from our work will be at least 5 times our fee.  For most of our clients it is much more than this.

The Team

We are a group of experienced commercial energy assessors, environmental scientists, analysts, carbon auditors, geophysicists, metallurgists and carbon neutrality consultants.


We work closely with our clients to bring them profitable solutions to their energy needs and reductions to their carbon emissions.

We are currently looking for landowners who would like to profit from the earning opportunities to be had from battery based grid-balancing.  It is still early in this market but we already have 120MW of grid applications and a lot of knowledge and contacts in this highly technical technology.


...Technologies include...




Demand Side Response

Energy Assessments


Voltage Optimisation


Solar PV

Solar Thermal
Air-Source Heat-Pumps

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Biomass boilers

Renewable Heat

Infra-Red heating

Heat storage

New innovations soon to hit the market.