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In our early years we procured several Megawatts of Solar PV for our clients, in addition to heating technology, LED lighting and EPCs.  Our current focus is on Grid Level Frequency Balancing using large battery arrays.  Our first project will be installed soon - watch this space for the case-study, it will make fascinating reading.


L.E.D. Lighting

With a mixture of T8 tubes, halogen spots and halide floods - the annual  electric bill for this Surrey Farm Shop was over £4300 just for the lighting alone (being open 7 days per week). 


Also - many T8 tubes were not working and changing these in a busy shop was always a headache for them.

We surveyed every lamp, chose a mix of completely new L.E.D. units and simple L.E.D. replacements and showed the client the cashflow of the project comparing different solutions before they made any decisions.

The cost to change all the lighting to L.E.D. was under £2500.

The electric bill after the changeover? ........... £750 annually.

The project paid for itself in 9 months, their electric bill is now 75% smaller and they don't have the problem of changing dirty T8 tubes above the food every few months.


17 kW solar PV

"They seem to be passionate about CO2. They came back to check the installation and see if it was up to their standards.

They keep in touch to see if everything is working fine and they have already saved us money."  

Mrs Marion McBurney, Kingfisher Farm Shop, Shere, Surrey.

Ground Mount Solar

"If you would like me to speak to any of your potential clients, I would be more than happy to tell them how pleased we are with the service we get from you and your colleagues."  

Mr Tony Carter, Millets Farm Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

50 kW Solar PV

"So many companies are too keen to sell you solar. This company got to the right solution for us.  

I would recommend them to anyone because we saved over £5000 for a consultation fee of less than a fifth of that."  

Mr Paul Knight, Norwood Place Farm, Horley, Surrey.

EPC and 220 kW Solar PV

"We had heard that Eco-Economix would save us several thousand pounds.  In fact, we saved over £10,000 for a fee of £1590.

If anybody wants to call me to find out how highly we regard Eco-Economix, I would be very happy".

Tim Chambers - Oakdene Fruit Farm, Sutton Valence, Kent.

EPC and Grid-Balancing viability

"I would recommend their service to anyone looking to the long term.  

Even after our EPC had been created, we found them extremely willing to help.  

If anyone wants to find out how highly we regard this consultancy, I would be happy to talk to them".

Mr A Hughes. The Tool Connection, Southam, Warwickshire.

50 kW solar PV

"They group installations together and we saved more than £4,500 on our solar array.  No hard sell and they came back to see if the installation was up to the standards they expected.

I would recommend them to anyone."  

Mr Dan Laker, Bregsells Farm, Beare Green, Surrey.

50 kW solar PV

"As value for money, Eco-Economix saved us lots and certainly lots more than their fee! 


They said they would beat all of our prices.  Eco-Economix did just that.  I would recommend their service."

John Muggeridge - Bushberry Farm, Betchworth, Surrey.

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